LU/DA Law Group, PC


It’s human nature to focus on the obvious; to miss the subtle details that are often right there, elegantly hidden in plain view. The difference between average and extraordinary is often that way – subtle. It takes an experienced eye to see the subtle, nuanced differences that separate extraordinary from the average.

At LU/DA Law Group, P.C, we understand human nature and our collective decades of experience have taught us where to look. We understand what our clients expect of us – to not only identify the subtleties that matter, but to know how to exploit them to our client’s benefit.

At LU/DA Law Group, P.C., we see the world a little differently.


The LU/DA Law Group, P.C. is a firm of highly experienced and effective professionals who believe that the best attorneys tell their clients what they need to hear rather than just want they want to hear. We subscribe to the notion that it is better to over-deliver than over-promise. The latter is easy. It is the former where true value can be found.

We recognize, regrettably, that the days of the “country lawyer,” where one attorney would provide a full complement of legal services to his or her clients, have passed. No one lawyer can be all things to all people.

Recognizing this reality, we know what we do and we do it very well. If, however, we realize that we aren’t the best attorney for you, we will find the person that is the best attorney for you. There is no charge for doing this because we believe that our clients’ best interests take precedence over our egos. This is why we should always be your first call!