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Real Estate Services

The law involving real estate encompasses a broad range of industries, businesses, and disciplines. For some, the concept of real estate involves the purchase or sale of a home or rental house. For others it involves boundary disputes and easements.  For others it may involve development and construction.

With over fifty collective years representing commercial developers, contractors, property managers, and homeowners, the attorneys of LU/DA™ attorneys are ably equipped to address any and all needs of our clients.

The real estate services that we provide include the following:

Construction Contracts and Liens

Whether you are a developer, general contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or property owner, a written contract establishes the basic terms of a party’s rights and obligations. While contracts are not foolproof, a well-crafted contract can prevent a lot of problems and expense down the line.

Our expertise in drafting contracts provides a double benefit to our clients. First of all, our contracts are well-crafted and address all aspects of the agreement between the parties, even those not often contemplated by the parties themselves. Secondly, our skill in crafting contracts has shown us what to look for in others’ contracts. Being able to detect defects or deficiencies in others’ contracts allows us to obtain the best results for our clients, whether through litigation or negotiation.

When construction disputes arise, and they seem to always arise, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers may have the right to file a construction lien against the real property. LU/DA™ attorneys have represented thousands of contractors, suppliers, and property owners over the years on lien-related issues. We have successfully prosecuted and defended construction liens and construction disputes.


There are numerous ways to buy and sell real property including various types of deeds and land sale contracts. It is imperative to use the right form of deed and to ensure that a land sale contracts accurately states what the parties want it to and protects the respective parties.

More and more, people try and sell property themselves, i.e., For Sale by Owner. We can assist with the review of Earnest Money Offers and ensuring that a prospective owner understands all the necessary disclosures and forms that have to be provided in the course of a sale of real property.

Whether you are buying or selling real property, the attorneys of the Luby/Daraee Law Group, P.C. can help you.

Landlord/Tenant Law

LU/DA™ attorneys have represented both landlords and tenants in residential, commercial, and industrial tenancy disputes. Kevin W. Luby is a past Washington County Circuit Court Judge pro tem responsible for handling evictions and is particularly well versed and experience with the Oregon Residential Landlord/Tenant Act.  He has been successful at both the trial and appellate level in representing landlords and tenants.

The attorneys of LU/DA™ represent mobile home parks, property management companies, and individual owners and tenants. We are particularly adept at quickly analyzing disputes and advising our clients as to how to handle disputes which may be small in nature but which could be hugely expensive to litigate.

Boundary Issues

In many older neighborhoods and rural areas, it is very common that issues arise regarding property boundaries.  An old fence may or may not have been constructed on the actual property line. Sometime, people maintain property where they think the actual property line is based upon the natural features of the land. When a property passes from one generation to another or passes out of a family, disputes regarding the precise location of boundary lines can cause problems. This is where the concept of adverse possession usually arises.

Other times, neighbors want to allow for access over another’s property for a roadway or a driveway or for utilities.   This can involve easements or licenses and can be permanent or temporary. This is very technical and can be very challenging for attorneys with lesser experience. If there is a shared roadway or driveway, joint maintenance agreements, like high fences, can make good neighbors.

Homeowners Association

It can be very difficult to navigate complex and poorly drafted CC&Rs to find out what rights you have to use and maintain your residence, as well as to ensure that your neighbors abide by the restrictions of your subdivision. LU/DA™ attorneys can help you interpret your CC&Rs and advise you as to your rights and obligations.