LU/DA Law Group, PC

Business Services

All businesses, whether local, national, or international, need quality legal, accounting, and tax advice. LU/DATM attorneys are skilled in assisting our clients on a wide range of legal issues involving multiple industries including construction, manufacturing, services, retail and entertainment.

We set up and maintain companies throughout the Northwest and beyond and assist our clients with every aspect of business, including regional, national, and international mergers, acquisitions, and business disputes.

We balance our innate aggressiveness and creativity with common sense and an understanding that our clients’ bottom line ultimately should, and does, drive the decision-making.

The business services that we provide include the following:

Commercial Litigation

When contemplating the term “commercial litigation,” many people just envision disputes between large corporations. The term, however, encompasses a varied array of disputes including shareholder disputes, collection matters, and employment litigation.   The breadth and depth of our experience with commercial litigation allows us to assist our clients with all types of commercial disputes.

While we enjoy trial work, we recognize that this is not always the most cost-effective way to resolve disputes, especially when the risk of litigation becomes excessive. Alternative dispute methodologies, such as mediation and arbitration, often are preferable to a jury trial.

LU/DA™ attorneys assist our clients with analyzing the risks and benefits of litigation and advise them as to all available alternatives. We recognize that every client wants a bulldog in their corner but we also recognize that success most often come to those who analyze all options, weighing the respective risks and benefits, and makes the intelligent business decision.

While we are aggressive by nature, we understand that adage that if you only have a hammer, all problems look like nails. We maintain a full toolbox that allows us the flexibility and creativity to attack a problem in the best way, not just in the way it has always been done in the past.

Business Formation

In establishing a new business, entrepreneurs have various options. A business person can choose between a limited liability company and a corporation; between an S corporation and a C corporation; between a sole proprietorship and a partnership; between a joint venture and a limited partnership; or any combination of the above.

Each type of business entity has its benefits and limitations, whether from a management, operation, and/or tax basis. LU/DATM attorneys can assist you in the selection of the right type of business entity, as well as drafting the necessary documents to properly register and maintain such entity.

Business Contracts

The day of handshake agreements has regrettably passed and it is critical to now have contracts that clearly define each party’s responsibilities and rights. We live in a litigious society and well-drafted contracts may assist in avoiding potential future disputes, as well as quickly resolving issues and disputes that arise in the ordinary course of business.

These contracts can involve construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail matters. We have extensive experience in drafting all types of contracts on local, national, and international levels.


Just about every business has employees and with employees come issues involving wages, hours, accommodations, termination, and, potentially, claims of discrimination. Depending upon the size of a business, it may be prudent to have a formal employee handbook that clearly set forth the Company’s position on issues ranging from vacation and sick leave to sexual harassment and discrimination. Such employee handbooks cannot only clearly state the Company’s position on such issues but may assist in discouraging litigation if a dispute does arise.

We also note that some businesses try and use independent contractors in lieu of employees. This can be a very technical and difficult path to tread but, in fact, may be available. LU/DA™ attorneys are well-versed in the requirements of the Oregon and Washington Employment Divisions, as well as the requirements of the IRS, Oregon Department of Revenue, Washington Department of Revenue and other applicable state and federal agencies.

Dissolutions and Mergers

Just as every business has a beginning, it also has an end, whether through dissolution or merger. We are regrettably experienced with assisting some of our clients with closing down their businesses, whether due to retirement or the business climate. We are experienced with mergers of local, national and even international entities.