LU/DA Law Group, PC

About Us

Every successful business is founded upon a principle, a fundamental statement of its objectives, ethos and personality.  The founding principle of the LU/DA Law Group is “common sense.”  We live in an age where bluff and bluster sometimes overwhelms people’s better judgment.  We live in an age where appearance all too often takes precedence over substance.  We live in an age where people focus on small short-term gains, entirely disregarding a long-term vision for greater success.  This is where common sense comes in.  This is where the LU/DA Law Group comes in.

Although our mission is not unique, how we approach our craft is. We listen to what our clients say, we focus on employing common sense approaches to problem solving and we focus on providing sound legal services. We approach each clients’ needs with a matter-of-fact view because we believe that when a client walks through our door, that client should remain our client for life. Common sense tells us that developing long-term client relationships leads to greater personal and professional fulfillment. Common sense tells us that the “one and done” approach is simply bad business.

We understand that sometimes the best advice we can give to a client is the last thing a client might want to hear.  Common sense tells us that our clients do not hire us to tell them what they want to hear but, rather, to tell them what they need to hear.

The cliché is that every client wants his or her attorney to be a junkyard dog, to crush and eviscerate the opposition. Common sense tells us that aggressiveness is a tool that should be used when it is in the client’s best interests, not just for the sake of being aggressive. We are always assertive and are aggressive when it serves the client’s needs but we are ever mindful that each client matter requires a unique approach. What worked the last time might not work this time, what was a good strategy in a prior case may not be a good strategy under the current facts and law.

We believe that it is in our clients’ best interests to make a preliminary evaluation of a case as quickly as possible.  Common sense tells us that if we can resolve a case quickly – before the parties’ respective legal fees and costs become the biggest impediment to settlement, we should explore that option.

We believe that we should always act in our clients’ best interests.  Common sense tells us that when our clients believe in us, that they will refer us to their friends, associates, and neighbors and that referrals are the best method of advertising for attorneys.

We believe that nowadays, no individual lawyer can be all things to all people. Common sense tells us that an attorney can have expertise in only so many areas. We are very good at what we do but we don’t do everything.  We don’t practice criminal defense, family law or worker’s compensation.  We have been in the Community, however, for long enough that we know who the top lawyers are in the areas in which we don’t practice.  We ensure that our clients are referred only to the best attorneys.  That is common sense.

We believe that the quality of an attorney cannot be merely measured by his or her hourly rate. Common sense tells us that an hourly rate is often determined more by a lawyer’s overhead and ego than by the lawyer’s true value. We have located our offices in Tigard’s Bridgeport Village in order to have an easily found geographic location that allows us to manage our overhead. We know from experience that we can offer much more reasonable rates based out of our present location than if we were located in a downtown Portland highrise. We choose to have our office in Tigard because it is convenient for our families and convenient and cost-effective for our clients.

Our guiding principle is common sense. Let us put our principles to work for you.